Out With The Old….(it’s Spring!)


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There’ s something about spring sunshine after a couple of months of utterly shite weather, than rouses the cleaner in me. It’s not a common occurrence, my inner cleaner coming to the fore, usually the more dominant Slovenly Wench will have shoved her into a filthy cupboard , locked the door and told her to keep quiet (but told her to have a bit of a clean-up while she was in there).

But this early morning spring day, I almost bounded out of bed with the intention of transforming my dusty, cluttered home into something out of a Scandi lifestyle mag. I say Scandi, because I like the minimalast, sleek yet bright and functional goods one would find within this interior design genre. If genre is the right word. At the moment, I’m considering the fact that my Vintage obsession is Over. Yes, words that I didn’t expect to hear myself saying. Ever. But as I look at my collection of dusty vintage tureens and chintzy looking jugs (the vessels, not my boobs), I’ve realised I’m tired of them. Bored of them even. They could be a metaphor for my own past. I’m over it…it’s gone. I need to look forward to new things and that means Ikea.

And with the realisation the Vintage is Over in the Kavanagh household, a new and exciting possibility is emerging. Fresh interiors, a new look, new colours, paintwork…on a small scale of course because I’m not Lawrence L-B. I’m Slovenly Wench with a paintbrush.

What to do with all the vintage china? Charity shop it I suppose, or car boot it. It needs to go quickly though so my mind can get on with de-cluttering.

Can’t wait!